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J Davidson Engineering Cadd Services is a Drafting Bureau Service operating since 1990. We are a home based business which enables excellent overall costing by having comparatively small overhead costs.

We use up to date equipment and software, primarily Bentley Systems Microstation, however we can handle most Cad formats.

J Davidson Engineering Cadd Services is able to cope with larger, and a wide variety of jobs, by working in association with other similar businesses in the Architectural and Engineering sectors.

John Davidson has a very broad based background of 26 years in Fitting & Machining, followed by 23 years in CAD Drafting, with experience in almost all aspects of the trades. John has practical experience in the following industries:

Paper making and converting
Machine and equipment installation
Piping installation
Materials handling
Stainless steel fabrication
Food processing
Building Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.
Building and Engineering Services
Security installation


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